Department of English Language and Literature follows a tradition and reputation of being classical in liberal education, which aims at expanding the mind of the student to such an extent that it makes him or her familiar with the whole complexities of human motivation and action. Meanwhile, the tradition of liberal education is based on a concern with the whole man or woman, such that that the acquisition of learning skills goes with a concomitant emphasis on character.
Our philosophy is to build a thinking man, who utilizes all his knowledge and skills in a bid to uplift and ennoble his or her humanity and secure for him/her (self), through the power of ideas turned into applicable knowledge a very high standard of living.
The student is imparted a language skill that is geared towards clearness in thought and speech, to train students to acquire adequate communicative competence in both the spoken and written varieties of the English language, thereby giving him or her a good grounding and effective mastery of the Language in its various applications to achieve self-expression and self-actualization; to equip the students with the knowledge of the forms and features of the varieties of English used in different professional domains such as business communication, among others.